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SibShops is brought to you in partnership with Ollie Webb Center, Inc. The program will run at the same time and place as our Down Syndrome Education Series. DSA families will pay a special rate of $5 per child to participate. Please note, you do not have to attend the Down Syndrome Education Series in order for your child to participate in SibShops.

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Who - siblings ages 6-13

Location - UNO Community Engagement Center, 6001 Dodge Street,  Room 218. Reserved parking in LOT E.

Time - 6:30-8:30 PM

When - one Tuesday evening per month

What is Sibshops?
Sibshops are opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with disabilities to play and obtain peer support with education included. They are lively pedal-to-the-medal celebrations of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. Sibshops is not group therapy although their effect may be therapeutic for some children.

Who Participates in Sibshops?
Sibshops is designed for children ages, 6 – 13 who have a brother or sister with disabilities. Sibshops is facilitated by a Trained Adult Sibling Facilitator.

Why do Siblings Need A Program Such as Sibshops?
Siblings of children with disabilities want to understand what’s going on with their brother or sister and the implications. They need information for reassurance, to answer their own questions and questions posed by others, and to plan for their future. And, unless their brother or sister has a terminal condition, the need will be lifelong and the topics ever-changing.

What are the Goals of the Program?
Participants get to meet other siblings in a relaxed recreational setting, where they can discuss their personal joys and concerns with other siblings who understand. They will learn how to handle situations commonly experienced by siblings and the implications of their brother’s or sister’s special needs. Sibshops also provide parents and professionals in the community an opportunity to learn more about the concerns and issues frequently experienced by brothers and sisters of people with special needs.

For more information Contact: Jordan Stocking
402-346-5220 or

RSVP’s should be received no later than the Monday before the event. You can use Paypal to pay for each session individually or for the whole season. DSA families pay just $5 per child. You can also pay by check the day of. Please print/fill out The Sibshops Information Form, found on the Ollie Webb website, and bring it with you.