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The Down Syndrome Education Series was launched in October 2014. Each month, a speaker in the field of Down syndrome education, health care, or research is brought to Omaha to present information to DSA members that will positively impact the well-being of their children.

The program received a Global Down Syndrome Foundation Educational Grant and continues to receive funding from local philanthropists and corporations.

The series was created as our unconventionally-formatted conference, and will bring in speakers that one could expect to find at one of the major 3-day DS conferences across the nation. 

Sessions are held at 6:30 PM at DSA unless otherwise noted on the DSA calendar. We invite DSA families, educators, therapists, healthcare workers, students, and other professionals to attend. Occasionally, a separate afternoon presentation may be offered to educators, therapists, healthcare workers, students, and other professionals in order to ensure the best delivery of the material being covered. 

Sessions are free but please register through our events calendar.

*Childcare is not provided. With the exception of infants, we request that you do not bring children to the presentations.


Speaker & topics for the 2023 year include:

  • February - Transitioning from Grade School to Middle School
  • April - Sleep Apnea in Down Syndrome
  • May - The American Board of Pediatrics Down Syndrome Guidelines
  • June - Strategies to Promote Positive Behaviors with Stacy Taylor
  • July - Preparing the Team Beyond the IEP (All About Me worksheets)
  • August - Down Syndrome 101 in Spanish – for Spanish speaking audience
  • September - Nutritional & Feeding Wellness with Caring for Champions
  • October - Hearing healthcare and your child who has Down Syndrome
  • November - Potty Training
  • December - What Now? Life in 30’s, 40’s, and beyond with Parent Advocate

Speaker & topics for the 2022 year include:

Speaker & topics for the 2021 year include:

Series Educativas sobre el Síndrome de Down Programa 2021

Speaker & topics for the 2020 year include:

Speaker and topics for the 2019 year include:

Speaker and topics for the 2018 year include:

Speaker and topics for the 2017 year include:

Speaker and topics for the 2015-2016 year include: