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Four Calls to Make ASAP

Toddler boy with Down syndrome holds cell phone up to ear to talk.
  1. Call Early Intervention through your local school district to arrange a meeting.

    ESU #3 for Arlington, Bennington, Blair, Conestoga, DC West, Elmwood-Murdock, Fort Calhoun, Gretna, Louisville, Plattsmouth, Ralston, Springfield Platteview, Weeping Water: 402-597-4936

    Elkhorn Public Schools: 402-289-2579
    Bellevue Public Schools: 402-293-4941
    Millard Public Schools: 402-715-8302
    Omaha Public Schools: 402- 557-2364
    Westside Community Schools: 402-390-6472
    Papillion-La Vista Community Schools: 402-514-3243

    Not sure? Call Childfind: 1-888-806-6287

  2. Call Munroe Meyer and get on the waiting list for the Rite Care Speech and Language Disorders Clinic. Your child will not be eligible until the age of 2, but the waiting list is extensive and it’s important to get on the list now. 402-559-6460

  3. Call SSI (Supplemental Security Income), Social Security Administration. This is a federal program which provides a supplemental income for a child who has a disability. Eligibility is based on the child’s disability and the parents’ financial situation, including both income and resources. 1-800-772-1213.

  4. Apply for Developmental Disabilities Services to place your child on the services coordination wait list. You will need your child’s social security number for the application but everyone is encouraged to get on the list as soon as possible.

    Phone - 402-595-2700

  5. Call Little Leaf Learning Center to learn about early intervention programs for your child and join their waiting list. 402.515.7234

Toddler boy with Down syndrome holds cell phone up to ear to talk.