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BE SAFE series

Monday, February 17, 2020
6:00 pm7:00 pm
UNO campus Barbara Weitze CEC

What is "BE SAFE"?
"It is not enough to just train the police about disabilities. Whether we are parents or professionals, explicitly teaching special learners what to do in different situations involving the police is essential for a safe and independent life. BE SAFE gives you indispensable tools to teach teens and adults to be safe.
Preliminary research shows that young adults who completed a BE SAFE video modeling intervention reported improved police knowledge and comfort interacting with officers!"

Over the summer, DSA had a self-advocate and parent speak about their BE SAFE training - now is our chance to see the movie and learn from it!

The Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands class series is open to students who have intellectual disabilities. Ages 21 and up are welcome for this class series. Each class will focus on a different area of the movie. The $20 fee is for all 4 classes. Parents are welcome to wait at the CEC 6-7 p.m. outside of the classroom or in any common areas in the building. Class participants and parents are also welcome to join the private Facebook group for the class so we can all share information and resources regarding the materials. Parking is in Lot E, located directly in front of the clock tower and the Barbara Weitz CEC. Act fast on registration! This is a small-group with limited RSVP's.