$500 Scholarship Program

DSA is committed to encouraging individuals with Down syndrome to step on the path toward Self Advocacy. 

DSA's scholarship program is for our young members with Down syndrome who will one day stand before lawmakers, employers, and members of their communities to tell us their own expectations, plans, and hopes for their lives. 

Up to $500

Age 14+
Family must be registered with and living in the area served by DSA

Parameter of Funding:
Up to $500 to be used for registration fees, materials, or travel. All receipts must be submitted for reimbursements. DSA will work with the family to ensure no funds are awarded directly to the individual with Down syndrome. If other agencies are assisting with funding of the program that information must be disclosed.

DSA invites self advocates ages 14 and older, with input from their families, to look for opportunities to grow in independence and self-expression. Examples are sleep-away camp, exploring areas of interest that could lead to a career, or public speaking or writing classes.

The experience must in some way prepare the applicant to speak for him- or herself; therefore, the scholarship recipient will prepare a report of the experience. This can be in the form of a photo blog for our website, an oral report at a board meeting, a short video, or a written article. Other suggestions for a report will be considered.

Each scholarship recipient will have the opportunity to meet with the DSA Board Self Advocate and serve on the advocacy advisory committee.

This scholarship does not cover respite care.

Email for more information