Asking for Donations Can Be Intimidating

Dear DSA Families and Friends,

I so enjoy watching the team pages go up on the website! I love the stories and the photos, and I'm inspired by the fundraising goals. So inspired, in fact, that I am shoving aside my own fears of what I can and cannot accomplish and setting our 2013 Buddy Walk Goal at $150,000!

Why not?

When you ask your family members, friends and associates to donate money to your team and register to walk with you, you can do so knowing that 93% of the proceeds stay right here in our community to fund DSA programs and events.

What a lot of people might see when they give us a glance is that we try to have fun together. We do! But donations to the Buddy Walk don't just fund swimming parties, trips to museums and symphonies, or toddler playdates. We love to foster relationships within our membership. That's why we have a Special Events budget and a chairperson to oversee it.

But we do more.

At DSA, our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and families touched by Down Syndrome. We do this in a number of ways. Our Medical Outreach program is dedicated to arming health care professionals with the most current guidelines for prenatal, infant, pediatric, and adult care for individuals with Down syndrome. Similarly, we have advocates working hand-in-hand with community schools to improve educational opportunities for our children. To ensure that our staff, board members, volunteers, and parent members are well positioned to serve as advocates, we provide on-going training, participate in national conferences, and sponsor a biannual conference and other seminars that bring nationally recognized speakers to the Midwest. As we grow, we’re finding ways to improve the services we provide, as we did with the enhancement of our website during this past year.

And as we've done since the first gathering in 1999, we will continue to reach out to new families and encourage them to see us as a source of both information and social support.

Who wouldn't want to support us?

Oh, and that other 7%. It is added to funds raised from Buddy Walks across the country to directly support the NDSS National Policy Center, allowing NDSS to continue to advocate for people with Down syndrome at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

So go ahead and offer everyone the opportunity to support your loved ones and individuals with Down syndrome throughout the country. And feel good about it when you do.

I know I will.

Best wishes,

Anne Mancini
Executive Director

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