• A Piece of the Puzzle

    by Kari Mansour, DSA Member

  • Jennifer's Blog

    My favorite part of the trip to DC was the meetings with the Senators and Representatives at the Capitol.

  • Sherri Harnisch shares the story of our visit to Capitol Hill

    If our visit influenced just one more lawmaker to see, understand, and feel the importance of passing the ABLE act into law, we have done our job.

  • D.C. Bound

    Anne Mancini and Sherri Harnisch are leading a delegation of DSA members to the NDSS Buddy Walk on Washington

  • From Disability Scoop: Update on Federal Wage Hike

    An executive order requiring federal contractors to be paid at least $10.10 per hour will apply to workers with disabilities too, White House officials say.

  • Jennifer's Blog

    A Busy February for DSA's Self Advocate

  • The NDSS 2014 O'Neill Tabani Enrichment Fund Applications Available

    The mission of the O’Neill Tabani Enrichment Fund is to offer financial assistance to young adults with Down syndrome – 18 and older – who are continuing to enrich their lives by taking classes or enrolling in postsecondary educational programs.

  • NCD Letter to the President and Labor Secretary

    "If executive action is appropriate to raise the wages of Americans without disabilities, it should be appropriate to raise the wages of those with disabilities." Click to read the letter.

  • DSA Board Member to take the Polar Plunge!

    Luke Paladino is representing DSA in SONE's cool (cold!) fundraising event.

  • ABLE Act

    DSA VP and NDSS VP arrange visit with Senator Deb Fischer's staff for 11/26/13